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LifeSaver Watch by LoveHopeFaith Group

Hello everyone! It’s been a while again. I pity this blog for not being updated the past few months because I’ve been so preoccupied with my new life and career here in Cebu City! Yeap, I’m currently living here in Cebu for my job for almost 6 months already. I definitely can’t wait to share some of my life experiences and discoveries here in Cebu soon! Anyway, the previous week,a friend of mine in Facebook shared and promoted a watch-for-a-cause by LoveHopeFaith…

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To God be the Glory

Looking back in my First year in College, I could still remember myself saying: Bia, dapat paggraduate mo may love life ka na and dapat grumaduate ka as Cum Laude. This is it! All my sacrifices, mental breakdowns, and hard work finally paid off!  I am officially graduating! After that four-year roller coaster ride, I’ve finally made it to the finish line. Sobrang nag-enjoy ako nung college. They say High School’s the best part of life, but for me College was. I…

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Tips for TEAM “UMAASA”

This post is not a bitter post. And, let me warn you that this post is coming from a 20 year old ‘NO-BOYFRIEND-SINCE-BIRTH’ human being. So everything here is just based on experience. You might ask why on earth am I writing such post. Simple and basic answer, kasi isa ako sa mga umasa. That’s why I want to share some of the things I’ve learned after being hurt as someone who experienced na umasa. Here it goes… TIP #1: ENJOY…

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