Where to Eat: Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery

Me and my high school friends recently tried out a new famous flower cafe and Instagram-worthy place in town, Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery. Ever since I first seen a shared post in Facebook about this new Cafe in Davao, I was dying to visit it as soon as I get home in Davao because who wouldn’t fall in love at first sight seeing this kind of flower-inspired cafe. Plus, since this place sells good food and dessert as per reviews. Good thing and luckily my friends wanted to visit it as well, so leggo!

We were so overwhelmed as we arrived in the place because the interior is pretty full of flowers and yes very Instagram worthy. As we settled down on our seats, the waitress welcomed us with flower crowns and even encouraged us to first take some selfies. Isn’t that cute?

Groufie with the Flower Crowns
The pretty interior design of the cafe.

Now for the menu, price ranges from PHP100 – PHP400 and you can choose between solo meals or “for sharing”(group) meals. The menu contains pasta, salad, pizza, sandwiches, and more. For our case, we decided to order group meals, good for 2-3 persons as what the waitress told us.

Yolks’ Seafood Pasta in Crab Fat Sauce (PHP275) and Pepperoni in Black Crust Pizza (PHP385)
Cupcakes for sale!

So for my overall rating, I give it 3.5 stars out of 5 because the food that we ordered did not satisfy what we expected. We ordered their best-sellers under the pasta and pizza menu, however I did not feel any spark in my tummy after my first try. It was just “okay”. Nothing special about it. Also, the serving of the pasta is small. We were really expecting it to be for 2-3 persons that’s why we only ordered one pasta. Anyways, I really don’t know if we ordered the wrong set. Maybe next time, we’ll try ordering their solo meals instead. But talk about the place and it’s ambiance it’s a 4 star out of 5 because it’s just something new and it’s so pretty. You’ll really fall in love with the place. Very Instragrammable! 

Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery
Doors A & B, Bella Vie Building, Circumferential Road
Davao City
Opens from 8:30AM – 9:00PM


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  1. Richel V.

    I love that they gave you flower crowns to take photos with – that works well with the brand. Sad that they didn’t leave up to your expectations. The pizza looks yummy from the picture. and I’m intrigued with the black crust.

    xo, Richel V. | Richel Goes Places

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  2. Xeph Hipolito

    Why don’t we haveYolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery here in Manila? I’m kind of jelly! The place looks beautiful and the food looks very appetizing. Congrats on capturing great photos, Bia!


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  3. Andi

    LOL at the flower crown. It’s a nice place. But if you didn’t really enjoy because the taste expectation was not met, then it’s sad. I hope they get some improvements.

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    biaaa.. trueee! medj na-disappoint din ako sa food nila, because it was just… “okay”! hehehe talagang maka-deceive ang mga pictures when it comes to food.. hehe

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